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I needed a studio. So I built one.

Those who believe they can't probably won't.

Those who think "maybe I could, perhaps I'll try..." are on a journey to achieving their dreams.

My dream of working as a professional artist has gained momentum over the last few years as I have continued to take the next step each time I've felt stuck. Our family moved house recently and in downsizing I'd lost my own work space. Keeping up with commissions and orders was becoming increasingly difficult with my work spread all over the house, teetering in towers on worktops, stacked under tables and filling every corner. Little hands and "helpers" were also responsible for more than a few things ending up in the bin. I knew I had to do something drastic to resolve the work space issue. Converting the loft was completely out of budget, so I began to work with what I had. Using an old drawing board I began designing a building that I could make by myself at the end of the garden.

Yesterday our family gathered to celebrate it's completion...

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