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Individually these hand printed linocuts stand alone as original works of art. They feature one or more small vignettes from my larger designs, the colours being chosen intuitively and experimentally in creative play. The process results in a collection of unique one-off pieces that cannot be repeated. Together they all tell a bigger story.


Now you are invited to collaborate with me. Take my raw elements and create a display that is uniquely yours. Choose some pieces that resonate with you, fit your mood and style and arrange them in a way that excites you. Swap them around, swap them in and out. Make a square grid or make it rectangular. Line them up. Divide your collection and make it become two. Keep them all or give some away – it’s up to you.


Each element measures 10x10cm and has been hand printed on to 300gsm watercolour paper using professional oil based relief inks. They have been mounted on 5mm white biodegradable foam board and fitted with a velcro dot for interchangeable, flexible display on a mount board grid or individual wooden stand (purchased separately). You can also frame them individually.

Original Linocut Element 1902040

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