I make art because I believe in beauty

I make art because I believe there are metaphors to be found in nature with the power and beauty to heal and restore. I translate what I see into delicate hand printed linocuts by carefully carving away material from a block in a slow and meditative process, each one taking several days to complete.

My current work is about the flow of life that comes through remaining connected - in family, in community, to our resources and in spirit. Being grounded in connection is the foundation on which we can grow and thrive.


I have  a background in Product Design with a degree from Loughborough University, but my passion for materials and traditional craftsmanship led me to pursue a career in fine art. With the support and guidance of practising mentors, I have developed my practice through a journey of self directed learning. I have recently enjoyed exhibiting work in various galleries around the UK and supporting other artists through co-founding the  Christian Creative Network UK.

© 2018  Gemma Dunn

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